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Transmate — an online supply chain platform, connecting shippers, carriers and end customers.

Transmate is an ambitious Belgian startup, on a mission to disrupt the logistics industry.

Design Sprint
Web development
App development
UX/UI design

Online logistic platform
Companion app


Winner Supply Chain Project of the Year (2017)

From 0 to 1
It all started out with a design sprint in early 2015. During 4 evening sessions (helped by pizza and a lot of sugary drinks), we explored the market and vision, mapped out user stories, and even went on to sketch a number of concepts for the app interface. This helped the Transmate team get started, and identify the key assumptions to answer.
Designing an online platform
After the Transmate team tested their assumptions and concepts from the sprint, we got together again. I worked with Sketch and InVision to design the interface, and used the powerful and flexible Meteor framework to build the app. This has allowed us to move quickly while learning more about the market, but still keep the code organised. What started relatively small, eventually grew to  a complete B2B logistics platform — complete with iOS/Android companion app!
“Rijk has been a source of creativity and innovation. He helped us push boundaries, and we love that he dares to ask questions and challenge assumptions.”

Noël Vranckx / CTO Transmate

Design Sprint — Do you have an idea, but not sure how to approach it yet? A design sprint can be a great way to quickly explore directions.

MVP development — Sometimes, the best way to test your idea is to build a tiny concept version and show it to people.

Roadmapping — We dive in and explore the best technical setup for your product’s requirements. No strings attached!

UI Design — I can work from scratch (or .sketch), or improve an existing UI to make it more user friendly or modern looking.

Full stack development — Building state of the art interactive, scalable web applications using Meteor (Node.js) as a basis.

App development — Native iOS and Android apps, built with web technology. It is possible now, with React Native.

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