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Stop dreaming about the future. Let’s put some rocket fuel in that idea, and go build it together.

Build on 15 years of web experience. I love to help startups and entrepreneurs create and build digital products that change the world. I use and push technology to stay creative, and operate as lean as possible. Because I know how important budget constraints and time to market are. And the best part? Having everything under the same roof. From designing the interface, to developing the application. From native iOS app to web platform. From design sprint to MVP. Uniti has got you covered — frontend to backend.

Front-end development — I know the front end like the back of my hand. In addition, I am experienced with frameworks like React.

Full stack development — Building state of the art interactive, scalable web applications using Meteor (Node.js) as a basis.

App development — Native iOS and Android apps, built with web technology. It is possible now, with React Native.

UI Design — I can work from scratch (or .sketch), or improve an existing UI to make it more user friendly or modern looking.

UX Design — Making your users love your product, is about really understanding what is their ‘job to be done’ and optimizing for it.

Prototyping — I am always game to brainstorm and build something new. Check out prototyping if you are still getting started.

Case: Transmate

Transmate is an ambitious startup that set out on a mission to transform the logistics industry. Uniti helped them build their vision. Read the case →


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