we build pretty awesome websites.


You want to stand out from the competition. You want your website to be an experience, that reflects the care you put into your business. But where to start? Uniti takes care of everything. We support you throughout the process, from web design to web development. As a small agency, we can be laser-focused on your needs. We keep it simple. No account managers or sales people, resulting in more efficiency. And a better website — starting at €2500.



Laptop, tablet, iMac or smartphone — your website is going to look great on any device. Important for your visitors, and for your site’s ranking in Google as well!

easy to maintain

Tired of having to call your ‘guy’ every time you want to add or change something? With our website editor, updating pages is a breeze. So next time, you can do it yourself!

cloud hosted

Sounds geeky, but trust us: this is important. You don’t want your site to go down or get hacked, right? So, drop the Wordpress. Our sites are always secure and up to date.


we help startups build the apps they dream about.


We are a tech partner with 10 years of experience developing digital products. We stay creative, and push technology to stay as lean as possible. Because we know how important budget constraints and time to market are. And the best part? Having everything under the same roof. From designing the interface, to developing the application. From native iOS app to web platform. From design sprint to MVP. We’ve got you covered — frontend to backend.



08/2015 – today • product design/development

Managing creative projects is not always easy. Getting good feedback from clients, on time, is a challenge. Both for the client and the agency. Meanwhile, you have to keep an overview of all the moving parts for all the running projects. It can be a lot to take!

Animation studio Well Played worked with us to create and develop a platform to streamline this process. The result: an application that’s so much fun to work with, clients have been asking to use it for their own projects as well!


10/2015 – today • product + app development

Transmate is revolutionising the way shipments are scheduled, planned and communicated.


“Rijk is a super skilled developer, who constantly is thinking with us creatively, dares to ask questions and challenge assumptions. We had previous experience with outsourcing development, but we found that having a partner with a proactive attitude is invaluable.”

noël vranckx (cto)


we care about design.


Design thinking plays a central role in all our projects. Because design is not just the icing on the cake — it’s about constantly thinking of the bigger picture. Making sure the solution is a solution. It’s about making it work. Putting care into the user experience shows respect for your users. And at the end of the day, it will show up on your bottom line. We guarantee it.

If you don’t believe it, we’ve done the math:


good design = happy users. 

It's not about your features. Really. It's not about your name or brand either. These days, the key to success is delighting your users.

happy users = more money. 

If users like your product, they want to use it. They’ll be passionate about it, and sell it to their boss, friends, or family. Therefore:

good design = more money. 

In today's crowded marketplace, the only way to really make a difference is to invest in a subliminal user experience.