we get that every pixel counts.


As a design agency, you spent countless hours perfecting a website design. But it often goes wrong on the implementation. You don’t put endless effort in the details, only to see it butchered at the finish line, right?


let’s partner up.


Are you a design or marketing agency looking for a reliable, low-touch development partner who gets your design? Get in touch:

  • we take care of support and updates
  • (misschien dit layouten in de 'readme' style)
  • a website should be responsive, tested on multiple devices, resolutions and browsers
  • you can keep doing what you're good at, and we've got you covered for the technical stuff
  • we also have packages for seo etc
  • just deliver us a .ai or .sketch file, we'll process and add CSS transitions, or substyles if needed


You as a designer knows that there are high demands on a digital designers today. Not only will you be producing both stylish and user-friendly concept - you are often expected to also understand how to make websites, debugging CSS, keeps track of the different screen resolutions, based iOS apps, and more.
It's hard to be the best in all that. We at Standout is not near as good at graphic design and design as you are. But we can web development. We can programming. We can mostly related to domains, web hosting, versioning and apps to do. Let us help you with the technology. With your amazing sense of color and shape, we can build something really good together.
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