About me

I love snowboarding, making music, and building stuff. What about you?

Hi! I am Rijk. I’ve been building digital products since back in 2007, but in a way I've always been fascinated by creating experiences and building things that improve people’s lives.

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Rijk • /ræɪ̯k/ • adjective  🔊 — Yup, Rijk is a special name, even here where I am from. Not the easiest one to pronounce either, I know! For English speakers, it is a bit like Mike with an R. Or just call me Rich, that's what it means :)
I love working on the crossroad between users, founders and technology. Connecting vision to features, design to development, and shaping products that not only solve real problems but are also a delight to use. Making technology more human. My main values are authenticity, responsibility, keeping it simple — and having a little fun while we’re at it!
“Rijk is a source of creativity and innovation. He helps us push boundaries, and we love that he dares to ask questions and challenge assumptions.”

Noël Vranckx / CTO Transmate